Meet the Founder

Edward Buchanan is a bilingual attorney who has gained a wealth of experience in various areas of law throughout his legal career. He specializes in Trusts and Estates, Probate, Immigration, and Business Transactions and is known for his unique approach to resolving complex legal disputes and questions of law.

Born and raised in Miami, Edward attended Belen Jesuit High School where he was involved in many extracurricular activities, he was most known for playing on the football team, singing in the school choir and acting in several theatrical performances. He graduated cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law and received the 2008 CALI Excellence of the Future Award in Latin American Contracts for being the top overall performing student in the course.

Edward's legal career began as an intern for Homeland Security, where he represented the United States of America in Immigration proceedings. He later lived overseas, first on the island of Curacao, handling Trust and Estate planning for HNW families and then spending over ten years travelling to over 70 countries working on International Business Transactions.

Landmark Cases

  • Index Equity US, LLC v. USCIS which was a federal case filed in the Southern District of Florida against USCIS that involved a visa denial of an extraordinary ability visa to the co-founder of the Plaintiff Index Group. This case received national media attention as Edward raised some novel legal arguments in favor of expanding the scope of the published visa criteria as it relates to successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Edward’s client eventually obtained the visa approval. 


  •  In Lantigua v. Duga Edward won a $1.2 million jury trial verdict for his clients in Broward County. The case involved a feud between two neighboring families that went on for approximately 10 years. The family Edward represented ultimately recovered based on the theories of Malicious Prosecution and Nuisance for the aggressions and antics of their neighbors.


  • In Destephano v. Garner Edward successfully obtained a Partition of real property in Palm Beach County for his elderly client who owned her property as joint tenant with a right of survivorship. The other joint tenant who was entitled to half of the property was the Plaintiff’s granddaughter who had not contacted her grandmother in years. Edward’s client whose health was demising wanted to sell her property to move to an assisted living facility but did not have the authority to sell as she did not own the property outright. By showing extensive records to the court of the Plaintiff’s expenses and documenting the maintenance and upkeep expenses that the Plaintiff had paid over the years, Edward was able to obtain an Order not only allowing the real property to be sold but also obtained a set-off award for his client for almost the entire amount of the granddaughter’s 50% share in the real property. 


  • In Donnelly v. Peraza, Edward obtained an effective UCC lien and Secured Promissory Note on industrial equipment to protect his client Mr. Donnelly who entered into some business dealings with the Defendant in regards to operating a chemical recycling plant near the Miami International Airport. The Defendant defaulted on his responsibilities and tried to assert that the note and lien were invalid and keep property and equipment of the Plaintiff. Edward and his co-counsel brought an action for enforcement of the promissory note and foreclosure of the UCC lien in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and was able to get a judgment to enter the Chemical Plant and take the equipment and machinery. The equipment was sold at auction and substantially repaying Edward’s client.